Monday, October 27, 2003

Economist, Energy Scarcity or Abundance, GWs walking in 'his' footsteps.....

Many years ago, ( way too many years),
A course at UCD Engineering School, on professional responsibilities spent a few weeks looking
at earth's energy resources and US energy consumption habits. Back then,.... it was a hot topic,
no pun intended... of course.

The projections by the Club of Rome in 1972 forecast a disaster in resource shortages by the turn
of the century. Yet, Somehow, this projected shortage has never materialized. In fact the resource
infrastructure, means of production and energy consumables seem to have grown over the past
few decades. The link above explores this finding.

Distinct from this fact, is another fact.
The US's oil over-indulgence and dependence underscores a true national security issue.
Although the sources of oil have diversified our external dependence on non US sources
is nearly the same levels prior to the "energy crisis".

Now don't go ask a TX oil man about that .... OK, his answer will be, we get the raw crude,
refine it, take a percentage of the income stream and stream the $ into our bank accounts.
Sort of conflict of interest ~No...

My point is.... after decades, since the Carter administration,
the US still doesn't have a decent energy policy; president after US president has sidesteped this issue.

Prez Bush claims to have a "proposal", a way to transform the economy into alternative energy sources,
yet somehow, i suspect, this "policy" will be vague, oil based and wanting in details, creative options and
significant detachment from the MidEast oil reserve consumption problem.

GW's Energy White Paper

Bushes dad was defeated on his 2nd term, for being out of touch and unresponsive to the electorate.
GW seems intent on "walking in his footsteps".


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