Friday, January 21, 2005

Google vs Microsoft

I met the CEO and CTO of Google at a Semiconductor conference
at Stanford in 2001. I was intrigued and impressed by both of them,
their conclusions, assertions and interests widely ranged, but always
the usefulness of an idea, process or product needed to prove very tight
coherence with the "google" business model or 'biz plan conherence'

now after the IPO, it's interesting to guage their success or attempt to measure it. Remember back when Microsoft was busy building it's Windows and Office brands. Innovation, competition and some very unique and clever designs evolved. MSFT "was" intensely creative solving "problems of the day".

Now, with google, without the ponderous commitment to an insecure and tired and financially consuming OS infrastructure, has accepted the mandate and is increasing innovative, producing many stimulating "wow" products; truly they are solving "problems of the day".

MSFT seems too busy maintaing their existing business, and profit to notice that the computing universe has many needed problems to solve, and derivative products to fill them, the 'wow" from redmond is missing, i don't know where things got lost, but a new departure on the scope and scale of the winNT development is needed to get them back on track,

meanwhile, google releases innovative after innovative useful product, from picassa to blogger to google desktop. the products are well crafted, genuinely useful and "cool". and whats more is in a few weeks, and update arrives, fixing most of the UI bitches and complaints and adding more ease of use. check out picassa2 its really outstanding..... a vast improvement over the Picassa "the Original".... if you manage photos, you'd spend time well puting this product through it's paces.

i miss the good ole MSFT days, enough of the existing brands, create some new ones. or i believe ultimately, google is gonna out engineer you .....the days of really wonderful new products, seem long gone... even the new OS, is late, it's functionality seriously scaled back...

water soaked lads and lasses in damp, dank redmond.


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