Monday, February 28, 2005

Grokster and the financial future of America - Blog Maverick -

Grokster and the financial future of America - Blog Maverick -

Mark Cuban, blog maverick writes about how technology has revitalized america over the past 2 decades, and how the government remained on the sidelines permitted the resnaissance and emergence of PCs, MSFT office, oracle databases, cisco routers, etc. and by extension, walmart, and mass produced networked global companies.

now, government overinvolvement in everything from warfare, to social security, to medicare benefits for pharmas, not old people, to jerrymandering political districts, to rewriting ethics laws, to supporting DCMA and the entertainment industry (ever notice the liberal media's biggest fans is the republican beltway, fiscally, except when on camera.) threatens our personal rights and liberties..

how DCMA is absconding your personal rights, and congress is giving away the keys to the car.... for a price $$$$$

peer to peer baby..

Bush's pro-business approach isn't pro-consumer, it's pro corporation, and killing the goose that lays the golden egg.


Blogger Taylor W. Buley said...

This case reminds me far too much of the Trial of Hank Rearden...

29/3/05 11:23 AM  
Blogger blogNRound said...

Taylor's blog is worth a look.

I find his arguments well constucted but confusing. In particular who is Hank Rearden, metaphorically speaking, i'm presuming Grokster.

Grokster created a new distribution technology with many forseen and unforseen uses. Peer to Peer technology doesn't impose or preordain a lack of property ownership. It is an enabling technology. It in itself, does nothing except permit serverless distribution.

End users define how a technology is utilized. Like the spammers, the virus writers.. isn't Outlook or Google or their underlying technologies that 'cause' the end users to abuse or misuse a technology.

This by presumption make the MPAA and RIAA, "the government". Attempting to suppress industriousness, resourcefulness, and creativity, via government special favors, political insiders, lobbiests from the entertainment conglomerate contributing to coffers of those in power.

In Business 2.0, this month, Steve Job's of Apple fame is quoted prior to his attempting to create iTunes "i've never had a living breathing music executive come to Apple" "Why is that" " that the people who run the music industry don't get it".

this lawsuit suggest they still don't.

1/4/05 12:13 PM  

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