Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Republican National Convention Blog NYC 2004: Karl Rove, Whistleblower

Republican National Convention Blog NYC 2004: Karl Rove, Whistleblower

Rove Whistleblower, i don't think so.
more like agent provocateur....

I know i know, fox....Rove misspoke! that's all.
er ah an helped drive the country into neocon country Iraq.
oh and he didn't break the law because he didn't say
her name.. er precisely.. alluded to it. told the reporter
where to go to fact check it... ..

the point is if the administration had critically analyzed
Wilson's report, someone with a cool head would have
said wait some facts don't check. we might have avoided
alot of messy terrrorism... oh unless of course
someone had already decided to enter Iraq in the first place.

Rove did more damage by trying to suppress a truthful
analysis, by Wilson, and getting us into the war,
based on bogus WMD which was derived from Niger
yellow cake spin, Rove helped to create..

a chess game, each move critical to justifying the war.
unfortunately, now the various, fibs in the chain of
moves are beginning to rustle in the investigatory breeze.
like tumbleweeds...

wonder what we'll find under this one... clem....
it's incredible anyone would attempt to defend any of this.

halley puts it best.
and john robb

I wonder what of all this Bush knew before hand or enroute.


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