Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Criminalizing Conservatives

Criminalizing Conservatives: "they have been among the most prominent promoters of the conservative agenda of the Bush administration. For over four years, they have helped two strong conservatives, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, successfully advance an agenda for change in America. To the extent these four are sidelined, there is a real chance that the Bush-Cheney administration will become less successful"

jeffrey bell and Kristol are morons(excuse the ad hominem attack) if they believe
that cheney, frist, rove and delay are conservative.

no way, they express none of conservatism ideals, they are inauthentic, alleged christians, who
use their power to pursue agenda, rather than conservative ideals.
the spending of this congress makes democrats blush with envy.
highest ever in growth and absolute numbers.

I'm sorry 10 T US tax cut, 5 T to 1.3 wealthy americans, and the rest to 135M americans.
nope these guys are clueless cabalist neocons.
and these writers lack any common sense or historical perspective,
appologists or morons take your pick.


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