Saturday, October 15, 2005

The White House, the CIA, and the Wilsons

The White House, the CIA, and the Wilsons
instap... quotes a backgrounder on Wilson/Plame, it's an interesting history lesson
but he underplays malfeasance. I think rove is hardly incompetent,
his moves are calculated and specific. and the outing wasn't
an accident, it was a "plausible leak"...

that's what fitzerald will reveal in the next couple of weeks,
the only question will be who takes the javelin throw,
libby, rove, both, cheney, all of the above, miller,
and whether a conspiracy in the west wing is at play.
that's not incompetence, it's a deliberate arrogant calculated act.

rove and crew is "accidental"... get real..


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