Thursday, December 29, 2005

With Satellite Launch, E.U. Positions Itself To Compete

US military countrols our GPS, global positioning system. The EU has just launched a commercial, non military replacement called Galileo.

why this is important. thought experiment.

if say a terrorist strike occurs and US military or donald rumsfeld or the military detects that GPS is being used to cooridinate subsequent attacks. the military could suspend or misdirect GPS signals, civilians who rely on GPS or victims of an attack could fine their 911 cell phones not operational for positioning and recovery.

it sucks, commercial industry needs this independence of military or emperor (presidential whim)...

the EU, saudi arabia and others are buying into the system.

more bush histrionics makes the US less not more safe and competitive.. there is no way that with the EU system in place
globally that there is any advantage to GPS...


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