Friday, January 20, 2006 - Justice Department offers legal basis for wiretaps - Jan 20, 2006 - Justice Department offers legal basis for wiretaps - Jan 20, 2006

Pres bush violates FISA, he has ample opportunity under the law to submit warrant requests 3 days after an emergency requests. this is the law, the constitution grants him no special opportunity to dissolve the checks and balances of the 3 branches of government.

Bushs' claim is not supported by constitutional lawyers,
maybe Rush Limbaugh agrees with him, but Rush is a high school educated edutainer and hardly a legal scholar.

the president can't push the executive branch unreasonablely past checks and balances. that undermines a central constitutional principal.

i'm afraid his "political" counteroffensive is just that, not a legal informed opinion.

who cares what the cabal thinks.

"Congress by statute has confirmed and supplemented the president's recognized authority under Article II of the Constitution to conduct such warrantless surveillance to prevent catastrophic attacks on the homeland," the Justice Department document said.

sadly this isn't true.... and they know it. no provision voted by congress in anyway provided our Unitary president with a revision of FISA or any grant of superior powers. he's just the executive one of 3 branches.

Bush knows hes' overreached.. stand down or be impeached.


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