Saturday, January 14, 2006

U.S. Strike On Al Qaeda Top Deputy Said to Fail

U.S. Strike On Al Qaeda Top Deputy Said to Fail

i hate al queda; they pervert islam.
they claim to conduct their operations in the name
of religious movement; their interpretation is false,
misguided and misleading.

But i'd be quite happy to vaporize binLaden or any of his lieutenants. to disolve the network before more damage can be done.

one has to ask though, US intel seems extremely inept
at execution, almost deliberately so, like what whould happen to a WOT if OBL was caught or killed, Bush' war would be over politically .. his "unitary presidental powers" repealed.

from letting bin Laden go to blowing up innocents. get the bad guys ... but jeez let's just destroy the US name internationally

it's almost deliberate,

and doesn't this send a particularly poor message
to the terrorists... i mean for Christ's or Budda's or
or Mohammed's.. sake..

i have to really question US leadership and intel.
when are we going to hold someone accountable for Intel
problems, tenet, Porter goss it's been 6 years guys..
and if there are any intel wins.. they sure seem few and
far between.

get the bad guys, but don't f up so much.


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