Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"The Left Tries to Muzzle Free Speech"

"The Left Tries to Muzzle Free Speech"
the "right" talk shows mostly suck.
MSM is "bought" and isn't liberal or conservative or anything
it's just entertainment designed to sell shit.

i think most talk shows suck, most media outlets.
the Bush press secretary, congress and their weasily ways.

discussions of fact cohereent and real problem solving is gone
mostly, our culture is dying, like a cancer, from the inside out
and all the cells are too busy to notice....

this is ANAL ysis.. at it's best.
Limbaugh, give me a break a drug addict with a high school education, ..., fox. news.. fair what.. right...
face it all media sucks.. spends no real time explaining or researching anything.

it's like describing an ocean by detailing a breaker, the ocean is much more varied, deeper and exciting. sure the breakers are visible.. but much more resides underneath the surface.


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