Sunday, April 30, 2006 - -
Glenn Reynold's remarks about oil econ is fundamentalist tripe.

regardless of root causes.
reality is oil companies are building refineries in china and india. and not in the US.
US capacity is 95% and congress, GOP, big oil and america are paying nearly 100% more at the pump since BushCo came to office and VP dicks "secret energy policy".

the issue isn't what people are paying
its' the NO POLICY policy of dick and team... and the economic consequences.

the free market isn't free, not when there isn't competition,
so the economics for dummies goes to glenn.

auto, big oil dont generally go out and improve EPA mileage ratings, reduce chemical pollution or build refineries.....on their own they need incentives or threats....

why the supply demand curves don't suggest it.

5 years have passed and nothing has gotten done under BushCo. and current conversations aren't anymore encouraging.

if you can't refine more oil and reduce capacity within reasonable safety factor. supplies, and price will remain tight.

if we can't get our foreign policy off monotone. re Iran and Iraq we'll not see any improvement. we can't change india or china, we can change how we respond to the problem.

ivory tower talk is BS glenn and factual divergent with economic reality.

essentially our president doesn't seem to give a shit about america. at least judging by his real actions and those of congress.

it's like saying wall street isn't gamed or lobbyiests don't influence legistlation... it smack reality.

maybe you should go reading glenn or go play some more guitar.... it suits you better.


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