Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry Landslide Incoming Part 2

Of Course A Kerry Landslide

Halley says it, pointedly, directly, without spin
the USA is sick of Bush, even this fiscally conservative
republican. Kerry landslide incoming....

I think we're going to be mightily surprised when Kerry wins a landslide next week. We've been living under a reign of Republican terror where you have to go into hiding if you're a Democrat, and if you're a Republican, you're forced to whisper around town if you have a single justifiable criticism of this lamed-assed administration. All this silence is keeping us from seeing the obvious -- Bush is over.

strong>Bush has made it embarrassing to be a Republican and nearly impossible to call yourself a conservative.

There's no "there" there in this Republican party. You can't stand for fiscal responsibility and restraint if you're a Bush supporter. You can't stand for fairness or for that tattered document, The Constitution, if you're a Bush supporter.


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