Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union

an interesting contrast between GWB's SofU and Arnold's speech in california.

President Bush seems to be promoting himself as the "activist" president,
this is rather contrary to historic conservative values.
2 Trillion dollars of debt to underwrite his reduced benefit vision
for a social security boondogle just doesn't make any sense.

with historic deficts, arnold continually stresses living within our means.
and looks for solutions with that fundamental imperative.
President Bush on the other hand, simply outlines an array of new spending programs. and describes no cost/benefit analysis. he's the free spending "democratic" republican.

Social Security going bankrupt is a CATO inspired falsehood. people should
acknowledge that bushes' dates and quote we're "SPIN".

President bush is simply playing politics again.... follow the money;
who benefits most with social security "privitization". and why is a political
collective, conservatives, not letting the market work, .. every step
congress decides it knows better and promulgates new programs and policies
to "manage" the economy (agenda).

enough... give me a better conservative like arnold.
i like Bush better when he speaks from his heart, not from his agenda.
but i like arnold even more... he resonates better than the juggernaut
operating in DC. congress needs to wake up.!


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