Tuesday, March 22, 2005

secular government

i long for my government to be steeped in practical affairs, issues that count, that matter
that make a difference. to me my friends, my family,

that's not Bush's "social security" privitization, nor Iraq's democratization.. dealing with run away insurance premiums, with an expensive war gone terribly wrong, a government who abstains from using its girth to promote normalized drug prices for the benefit of all US citizens. a real energy policy. a crack down on corrupt politicians exercising license with my vote, by moving boundaries around and claiming it's fair. no its bullshit... they're full of bullshit.

a secular government, one where family values means she really cares for families, in a real and proactive way, instead of having the likes of Tom Delay maundering about ethics and principles.
like serious tax benefits for day care, nannies, to help with raising children. education not war or corporations, or insurance companies, like those who benefit from the last bush "medicare" drug scam. a government, republican, that let the market define drug prices, let's her citizens get the best possible rate whether through canada, or globally, cause every other industry has to compete. rather than the lobbiest's dictating what should be placed in the billls.

our current government isn't honest about her affairs, she's lost her way and certainly doesn't speak to me anymore. our current congress is dispicable, mal intentioned, self aggrandizing,
bought and just disingenuous.

there isnt' leadership or imagination or wow, or values. just rhetoric and legalease

it's religious, like the mideast, it shouldn't be. we complain about non secular mideast
religions, yet we are moving in the same direction.
we preach democracy and state assembly members in Texas, reshuffle boundaries and claim
all is fair and fair, when you "own" the house.
not because religion is bad, but because that's a person thing, not something the
government should comment on dictate, ..or define.

the problem is religion has become another political constituency. Rove is busy
forging fissures, and fragments.. how to pit one constituency against another
for GWBs benefit.

it's an embarassing agenda, presidency and agenda.
it should stop.


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