Saturday, July 16, 2005

Memo Is a Focus of CIA Leak Probe

Memo Is a Focus of CIA Leak Probe

Bush Administration circulates a memo on Valerie Plane's identity days before she was publically named. curious huh? coincidence maybe this is where Rove read the memo..

Several legal sources said the prosecution has shown strong interest in the State Department memo, which circulated on Air Force One during the Africa trip -- just days before Plame's name was made public in a column by Robert D. Novak.

According to people involved in the case, prosecutors believe that a printout of memo was in the front of Air Force One during a July 7-12 trip Bush took to Africa, but investigators are unsure who reviewed or obtained copies of it. One of the earliest moves by special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald, signaling his aggressive stance, was to get the grand jury to subpoena Air Force One phone logs from the trip, the sources said. Newsweek reported in August 2004 that Powell's testimony before the grand jury focused, in part, on the memo

one must ask, why isn't Novak in jail...
and Rove.. well he'll get Ebers'd soon enough


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