Friday, August 12, 2005 - Business - Survey: Many Fear Consequences of Fuel Prices - Business - Survey: Many Fear Consequences of Fuel Prices

Bush promised big benefits to his wealthy constituents, and generally ignored the average American, with his massive tax cuts for America's elite.

now, the natives are getting restless, the Iraq bungle has not put more oil on line, incompetent underestimates of insurgents capabilities and strenght, and troop levels required to install true security are leading causes. And granting contracts to US companies and letting high unemployment continue in Iraq can't be a stability inducer.

overall, it show Bush massively out of touch or incapable of examining the plight of the average citizen or Iraqi and creatively enabling all citizens not just the power brokers.

America is beginning to simmer.

T Boone pickens predicts 75/barrel, oil. has failed to get the oil production to pre war levels,


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