Sunday, August 07, 2005 - U.S. & World - Terrorist Gripes About Iraqi Al Qaeda Leaders - U.S. & World - Terrorist Gripes About Iraqi Al Qaeda Leaders

AQ's Iraq campaign, flawed, and incompetent per this report.

Iraqi terrorists prove lethal and effective, whatever their composition. Iraqi's should ask what's in it for them, AQ has their own agenda, and they
keep "changing their story".

the AQ objectives seem to be fomenting civil unrest, civil war and chaos. they aren't an organizing force, but a disorganizing and destructive force.
they aren't building anything in Iraq, just destroying things, whether its
attempts at democracy, providing infrastucture, or social organizations.

neocons are same, they have their own agenda which steers form
and composition of iraqi and makes America look duplicitious.

read this account of a "successful" 4th generation soldier from John Robb. this is how Iraqi's win, US citizens wins and the terrorist suck wind. Our military command and control makes this difficult...
so we all sit in a stalemate, day by day, with body counts rising.
still leaving the root causes of terrorism, unattended.

clearly our counter insurgent strategies are equally poor. we've done little
to substantitively build Iraqi security and infrastructure.


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