Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bush Urges Congress to `Push the Envelope' on Cuts (Update1)

maybe prez bush should roll back 5 Trillion in tax cuts to his very wealthy constituents. that would provide the most balanced budget improvement both on the income side ask for deep cuts on spending.

also, he can't afford this iraq war foray, Iran has gotten everything it needs now.. from the US without spending a dime, and CIA reveals iraq is the new training ground, per richard pearle.

sooner or later the US needs to come clean and honest about our financials, Prez has made an extreme mess and distorted normal economic functioning. now he attacks the middle class, the broadest constituency.. a stupid idea for him and the GOP.

he needs to ask for sacrafices from all quarters of the country not the poor soldiers and the middle class. the rich are benefitting the most and contributing the least, and congress .. spends spends spends at record levels way beyond the clinton administration.


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