Monday, January 30, 2006

NPR : Bush to Push Health Care Savings Plans

NPR : Bush to Push Health Care Savings Plans

i'm eagerly hoping prez offers something creative to use
the purchasing power of the government to help reduce
insurance and health care costs.

the free market isn't.. and US health care is the most expensive in the world, decoupling citizens from leverage
and massive support of "for profit" companies hasn't reduced costs in the past. deregulation hasn't seemed to work well

hopefully this mediocre president can offer some stimulating new out of the box suggestions....

i think the problem is the government and either Dem or Rep factions, aggravate normal economic processes by distorting incentives... essentially incentives pour from the beltway

like SUV tax breaks when we need hybrid research.
or a poorly drafted non functional medicare plan, which meets political objectives but not operational ones.

since when have lawyers been good problem solvers...

oh well one can hope right.


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