Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Scandals are bleeding GOP

Scandals are bleeding GOP
its disgusting
if people want politics to be more honorable and ethical
the money has to be removed and transparent.

having GOP the current GOP, the fiscal nimrods, define
reforms is seriously to borrow a very tired metaphore,
like a fox in the hen house.

how can these guys keep a straight face..

pay em 2M/yr.
make a money, gifts, soft money, donations completely registered and transparent.
make PACs detail their funding, associations and connections,
with political groups, lobbiests, etc.
and make the laws on Politicians, massively pucuniary.

this way everyone knows whats up whether moveon or swift boat.. and BS is registered as such.

lawyers often look at strictly what's legal, what they can get away with, too few have any sense of the greater good.
certainly too few in DC who swore to uphold the constitution first the party second... a bunch of cowards


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