Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hayden asserts NSA warantless wiretapping legal

CIA candidate Hayden of course asserts
the NSA program is legal. He's wrong.

this is untested. and factually incorrect
according to several constitutional scholars
in spite of what anyone asserts, especially
the goofball attorney general.

because someone asserts an action legal; doesn't make it so.
the assertion carries no force of law, it's simply a statement.

FISA is the law and the president violated that law.

he bypassed it and is attempting to usurp power from
the other 2 branches of government as described in our constitution
by asserting article 2 gives him unlimited priviledges with
no balance oversight.

if congress had any balls, they'd do their job and "balance" him.

thusfar the supreme court hasn't rendered a decision
or judgement on legality on Hayden's and Bush's assertions.
or the weight of executive orders or signign statemnts as compared
to the consitution and statute.

the Intel committee should have asked,
General Hayden if a constitutional statute proscribes
action X and a presidential signing statement and/or
executive order contradicts that statute
describe how you procede and what takes precedence?

instead is was dog and pony show.


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