Monday, January 21, 2008

conserapedia claims global warming is a joke

conservapedia, writes a biased "wikipedia like" page on global warming.

an example..

Since 1989, advocates have clashed on the issue of whether human beings are more responsible than nature for modern periods of global warming; see "greenhouse warming" and global warming theory.[1]

As an issue, it is a political battle over the science of climate change and is mainly used to justify support for the Kyoto Protocol, which seeks to restrict carbon dioxide production on the grounds that it accelerates the "greenhouse effect".

Like the true spokesman/women for the Bush Administration, the climate science is obscured and ofuscated and the global warming issue is distilled into a political disagreement with Kyoto, Al Gore and other misdirections present.

Of course the entire website is wacko, sifting science when useful juxtaposed against creationism, but attempting to place a favorable political 'spin'.

A better approach suggests peering at real atmospheric science, where researchers, not the media spin meisters or politicians, agree that carbon footprint of man as a species has been enormous and seems to be worsening.

sample sources include

probably reading conservapedia makes some individuals, like senator inhofe 'feel better' but it does nothing for truth,
or seriously confronting global warming issues.

consider the research. Consider the impact of

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