Saturday, August 05, 2006

DeLay, Coulter, Kristol Defend Lieberman

DeLay, Coulter, Kristol Defend Lieberman

Liberman has failed his constituents. He befriended the administration, the GOP, not because he sought compromise in pursuit of his constituents democratic ideals, but because he's self interested and yearns to reside near power.

Lamont is common sense. Liberman is status quo.
His embracing of Delay, Coulter (venom) and Kristol only confirms Lieberman's resentment for his state, her constituents, the grassroots. These people aren't leading advocates of political action and creative win-win negotiations, but "wedgers" .... or "wedgiess" which ever it aproporiate.

what the hell does L stand for ....
by collecting endorsements from "the echo machine".
one hardly imagines him winning any votes.

he deserves to be trounced.


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