Sunday, October 31, 2004

The election is ours, not the medias or Roves.. or...

Karl Rove, bless him, is a formidable political adversary,
but he's fundamentally a spin meister. Whatever
he thinks he needs to say he will through proxies,
but he's wrong..... (want to know why)

the Polls say this or that...
it's BS...

ignore the polls,
ignore the media,
dismiss the pontifications,
the 'OBL said this therefore...'
it's BS... pure and unadulterated.

what matters, is 1 thing.
Your Vote.!

Rove is wrong, the polls are wrong,
likely voters don't measure new voters.
some estimates place poll inaccuracy at
> 6%. Despite the "alleged closeness"

so were the "talking heads" are discussing
bogus polls like WMD..

Just do the right thing.
VOTE. vote your heart, your conscience.


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