Friday, October 29, 2004

OBL, Bush intransigence and failure incorporated.

OBL is free, has been for more than 3 years.
Instead were mucking around in Iraq...
Bush could have focused his effort and political
capital successfully in pursuing OBL. instead
we get a half done war.

Bush is probably a nice person, deep down.
but his policies suck. from economic, to taxes,
to medicare, to enviroment. can we seriously
stand any more time under this wreckless administration.

given OBLs recent tape, it stands to reason
a vote for Bush, his policies, and his intransigence.

in·tran·si·gent also in·tran·si·geant ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-trns-jnt, -z-)
Refusing to moderate a position, especially an extreme position; uncompromising.

[French intransigeant, from Spanish intransigente : in-, not (from Latin. See in-1) + transigente, present participle of transigir, to compromise (from Latin trnsigere, to come to an agreement : trns-, trans- + agere, to drive; see ag- in Indo-European Roots).]
in·transi·gence or in·transi·gen·cy n.
in·transi·gent n.
in·transi·gent·ly adv.

"stay the course" is equivalent to a terror assault
on the US. OBL is a bad guy no doubt, but
with Kerry as prez, there is hope that logic
and common sense can prevail. Vote Bush and
we get a strike, eventually cause of his
inflexibility and steadfastedness. With Kerry
we can maybe build a real coalition, tackle the
mid east with profound vigilance, instead of
being waltzed through intel errors, by chalabi
and the Iranians... god this president and his adminstration
have piled up mistakes like a veritable rugby match.

missing explosives, 1000 dead americans, no doubt many
of them resulting due to the same missing plastic explosive
that bush trades barbs with senator Kerry about,
20k permanent disabilities for US soldiers, 1 in 6
mental disabilities, 100,000 dead iraqis..,
$50/barrel oil.... and on and on...
abu gahrib.... what the
hell has happened to our country. the good ole USA

Vote Kerry on November 2.


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