Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Scripting News: 7/19/2005

Bush considers life without Rove and decides
i think not.....

Bush the political animal is saavy. He understands
that without Karl, his capacity to control the
party and stay on message will be destroyed.

unfortunately, 75% of americans republican and democrats alike
want Rove fired if "involved" in a leak, not criminally liable.

probably has to do with Credibility.
Bush rarely listens to anyone but his inner circle.
i expect he'll do everything possible to keep Rove.
in spite of the damage it does to himself, his legacy and his credibility.

this just can't be spun, ..., people are sick of Rove's approach.
and how it affects this president.

Scripting News: 7/19/2005

Boston Globe: "President Bush vowed yesterday to fire anyone in his administration who is found to have ''committed a crime' involving the disclosure of a former covert CIA agent's name, seemingly redefining the grounds for dismissal the White House had pledged when the case erupted in 2003."

Just a guess that "committed a crime" is different from leaking the identity of a CIA agent, in time of war, in order to discredit a fomer official who exposed the lies that were the pretense for the war.


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