Friday, February 15, 2008

rush vs mcCain who cares

desperate for relevance in a post Bush world, Rush realizes by objecting to McCain, hopes to gain some sort of political concessions else he'll spiral into declining irrelevance. Rush, the addict, believes the beltway heeds him.. they actually put up with him, and his ranting, heavy breathing, fearing his wrath.

who cares, rush isn't you average guy, multimillionaire, living in Palm Beach one of America's most expensive zip codes, he pretends to speak for all of us.

it's not for us, it's for him and his power.. and the prospects of his power, being dimished is driving him desperate.

it's fun to watch, a corrupt ignorant man, a drug abuser, a man who doesn't stand for conservative constitutional values but the Bush, Delay, Rush beltway corruption and cronyism. the Tax-Cut and Spend GOP generation

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