Friday, February 15, 2008

Bush Lies on FISA

President Bush keeps linking immunity for Telcos and FISA. That's a lie.

The FISA bill Bush wanted grants blanket immunity for himself, Cheney and his administration as well as the telcos would participated in illegal wiretaps.

Immunity doesn't protect America, it protects only the president and his proxies from prosecution for illegal acts.

Telcos must operate at the behest of the president as long as the requested activities are legal. Otherwise the phone companies are legally actionable, this is as it must be.

The proposed FISA bill operated over 6 years, which presumably would prevent the next president from modifying the law, although with signing statements, and other unitary executive plays, the next president could harvest all the illegal acts of the president Bush easily.

For more specifics on FISA, how the expiration of this bogus FISA bill, doesn't impact American's at all, and how the president continues to exaggerate and lie about the bill to protect himself and not America, see Glenn Greenwald's excellent oped\

Jihadis throw a wild bash over the Protect America Act



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