Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BEWARE: Chase Credit institutes $120/year credit card fee

spoke with a Chase rep tonight, as a card holder for more than 10 years, i noticed a 10.00 USD "TRANSACTION FEE" on my 0.00 purchase balance,

the rep said this is a "MONTHLY SURCHARGE", i said what 10/mo, that's 120/yr, to use a freaking card. She indicated this was described in a november disclosure letter.
I asked to reverse the charges, she refused, i advised her that i'll be closing my account.

amazing... is it any wonder maam why Banks are held in such low regard these days.

congress should wrestle these asses to the ground, re institute federal usury statutes, to fix maximum interest rates at 15%. to protect consumers from this sort of pathology.

After the Billions we've dumped onto the CDS/CDO landscape, we continue to get little action from Congress, to shut down these hucksters.


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