Saturday, October 23, 2004

Halley's Comment: Alpha Male: Last Word

Halley's Comment: Alpha Male: Last Word

Halley discusses Prof Fans de Waal on primates, Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes. Funny topic, with relevant real time US political import....
read on.. most excellent reference Halley, thanks.

Christian Bush Bears False Witness, Again....

an Avalanche of Disinformation. Again
$8 Million Worth Of Distortions Two Bush ads full of misleading and false statements ran more than 9,000 times in 45 cities last week. October 21, 2004 Modified: October 21, 2004

note to self...
GWB produces such poor results over the past 4 years
and has so vapid a record to stand on, he resorts to insufferable,
and inexorable attacks on "his opponent".

for a Christian man, his play with falsehood, and "bearing false witness"
is um.. a bit puzzling and er inconsistant with christian ideals and values..

guess it only matters on Sundays. eh GWB

Bush attempts more misdirection: remember "9/11 occured on GWB's watch"

ABC News: Bush Declares Kerry Can't Keep U.S. Safe

Let's remember that president Bush didn't keep the US safe, on 9/11,
he now asserts that he's the best man for the job, but has basically failed on most of his nitiatives: cf. to capture bin Laden, failed to provide stability and democracyin Iraq, etc. to create 5 M jobs..(clinton created 33M) to lessen our mideast energy dependence, etc etc.

a trainwreck of misguided initiatives and mediocre results.

Bush you're fired.

Friday, October 22, 2004

John catches the broadband stealing "Hammer"

Tom DeLay, absconds broadband bits... and transfers them
to wealthy Texas homeowners in his district.

John Robb links an article reporting that a large percentage of US rural broadband funds have ended up funding connections for high net worth homes in Tom DeLay's district. hmmm.. imagine that from "the hammer".

Early this month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced its latest round of funding for rural broadband projects, a program aimed at bringing farms, ranches and other rural communities onto the Net. Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman praised the loans as part of President Bush's efforts to bring broadband "to every home in America by the year 2007."
According to the USDA official, the agency is having a hard time finding people to take the $2.2 billion in funding available this year. But it turned out that almost a quarter of the money was going to a company that serves high-end, master-planned suburbs just outside of Houston, with homes costing up to $1 million...

World a Safer place under Bush???

The president mistakenly claims that the world is safer under his stewardship.

The CCN article,
"U.S.: Saddam regime funds financing Iraq insurgency; New assessment of 12,000 insurgents shows resistance growing",
describes a growing insurgency in Iraq, funded by 0.5 B of Sadam's money. Of course if the US hadn't attacked Iraq, there would be no funds for insurgency, would there. And oil markets would probably be a lot happier.

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