Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Doc on George on George Pointer

George Bush is not Incompetent is not an Onion headline. It's good advice by George Lakoff for liberals progressives who would rather win than whine.

Tall order.

excellent article by George Lakeoff
Conservatism is succeeding at dismantling government, not Bush.
Conservatism philosophically retargets the role of government in American's lives

and most liberals just want to whine not win elections.

SEC said to thwart hedge-fund probe

SEC obstructs internal and congressional probe of insider trading
at Pequot Capital.

GOP conservative doctrine externalizes accountability again.
No accountabilty Republicans.

on glenns' and michelle's ventriloquism

gosh Glenn and Malkin have seriously lost it.....

lately glenn's sense of humour is bit bewildering..
resorting to ad hominem argument..
hardly academic or pursuasive.

..michelle's been unambiguously confused for years now.
a pseudoconservative....on the imaginery axis....(of neo conservative thought)
spinning unstablely a kilter.

actually pretty boring stuff. from lamont and kos as well.

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