Saturday, November 12, 2005

Daily Kos: BUSH Kept Intelligence from Congress

on Oct 5,2001,
W pulled security clearance from 92 of 100 senators.
thus the US senate didn't have access to all the
intelligence with which to make a determination
to go to war.

Simply put, Bush Limited Access and Disclosures of Classified Information to only 8 Members of Congress per a policy memo [last blockquote below] written and signed on October 5, 2001.

Therefore, Congress could not possibly have had access to the same intelligence information that the White House had! Period. Exclamation Point!

Details below the fold

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I was toolin' around the internet, and came across a blog post by Faiz on 7/26/05 over at Think Progress 10/5/01: Bush Pulls Security Clearances From 92 Senators

Faiz' blog is terrific, and focuses on the hypocrisy of Bush and the security clearance of Karl Rove, but is just as relevant to what Congress had access to where intelligence information was concerned.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Revisionist History? By David?Wallace-Wells

Revisionist History? By David?Wallace-Wells

take the blame you moron

Bangkok Post - Breaking News

Bangkok Post - Breaking News

this is wrong, sony should appologize, and never should have done it

Bush Contends Partisan Critics Hurt War Effort - New York Times

get transparent bush and then you command our respect
you lie, you cheat, you use you privledge

then you want us to believe you.

get transparent tell people EXACTLY what's up with no BS and you'll get our respect,
but you let Karl and Cheney wedge and splinter at all cost.

you deserve no more than the trash heap....
till you fire the bad guys and come clean you alcholic.

Daily Kos: Bush Yaps Back At Iraq Critics

Daily Kos: Bush Yaps Back At Iraq Critics

59% of american's want Rove fired.
quit yapping mr president,
keep your word, fire rove,
and make things transparent and people will support you.
your keen interest in loyalty is unravelling your presidency.

Bush Forcefully Attacks Iraq Critics

bush attempts to defend his invasion of Iraq.
again claims its about global terror,
prove it mr president,

don't couple troops to your administrations lack of transparency
you aren't entitled to lie and deceive and provide no evidence
to the contrary, and then claim the media is undermining
the efforts in Iraq, you are by playing games with the american people

Brian Cloughley: Sleaze, Deceit and Torture

Bush pundits 9/11 over and over,
but it's not about positioning and marketing
it's about results,

and Bush's results are in plain sight.

no one trusts this president or his administration,
their information isn't transparent, or real or honest.
just spin.

and collides with reality on the ground, in Iraq, New Orleans
and the US.

out fire all the parties du jour, flush congress, and the prosecute the presidency and the administration to the limits of the law.

america's standing in the world has desperately collapsed, like bush's popularity ratings. - Frist concerned more about leaks than?secret prisons - Nov 10, 2005

dribble drabble ... time for this one to go home. (tutor the turtle)
frist opens his mouth, inserts foot.
black ops torture in proxy countries isn't a problem....
neither is iraq
nor 350Billion spent thus far with no "deliverables"

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 > News > Nation -- CIA makes referral to Justice Department on secret prisons story > News > Nation -- CIA makes referral to Justice Department on secret prisons story
so let me get this straight, it takes more than 2 years to get the white to coopertate on outing a cia officier, and now in 24 hours the cia is investing another leak at the CIA's bequests

wow, how come this is so much faster.
odd. don't you think. - Kansas?school board redefines science - Nov 8, 2005

those wacky kansasians.. .think they can refute science,
gravity, physics, dna...these aren't incompatible with God, but they do follow rules of progress...

silly people from kansas...
denying science just outsources your jobs, and leaves you in an unreal cloistered life.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

If Bush and the White House Won't or Can't Fight Back, Maybe It's Time Karl Rove Should Leave

Chris Muir is spot on
Rove should go,
how in the world can a White House with members under investigation and indicted, convince anyone that they have

how can the commander and cheif ignore his promises.
well he's an alcholic and has trouble digesting reality ..

fire rove, look tough, dump anyone involved and move on
or flounder and fail...
that's the choice.

loyalty got him into this mess as did his fundamental incompetence.

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