Friday, May 26, 2006

FBI vs. Congress, Round 2

the FBI vs congress...
it's sort of humorous
maybe this is what democracy is about.

Bush's Unitary presidency received support and defense from GOP leadership.
between signing statements and executive orders overriding congresses lawyering,
the lines between justice, legistlative and executive branches of government are
fuzzy and blurry.

with NSA warantless wiretapping is ok cause it affects all of america (not congress)
now with blurry edges and separation of powers equally vague.

Bush's powerplay is pushing the constitution into uncharted and here I say, non traditiional interpretations. now the executive through justice branches dimisishes legistlative power,
the shit hits the fan..

i think congress has a greater burden of ethics and good judgement and should be fined
and prosecuted 10x over the normal citizen.

the boundless unitary president doesn't philosophically jibe with constitutional intent. it requires hairsplits by exectutive branch on law meaning and semanitics, which i remember from highschool is supposedly the judiciary's responsibility.

this has gone too far, maybe the leadership will realize like most of America, that
the BushCo con is just that.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

O'Reilly, irreverant and irrelevant as usual
complains that the 20 something demo, get's their news from
John Stewart..... entertaining, blunt, truthful... as opposed to
OReilly speak... spin from his alleged no spin zone. which is of course

given this demo is probably brighter, more insquisitive and free thinking
than O'Reilly's legions could ever be, assuming any "legions" are left. har har

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