Saturday, December 31, 2005 - Bush grants pardons less than predecessors - Bush grants pardons less than predecessors

true, unless its his friends!

CBS News | Oil Prices Seen 40 Percent Higher for '05

CBS News Oil Prices Seen 40 Percent Higher for '05

Bush metric, Oil price increase 2005 under bush, 40% increase

An extensive web of financial ties - Highlights -

An extensive web of financial ties - Highlights -

delay - us family network, soft money mendacity. delay entangled in a web of soft money, foreign corps court delay,, whether legal or not, its certainly unethical.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Inside Intel

Inside Intel
I like Paul Otellini's plans for intel too.
Semiconductor companies execute pretty poorly in software; if Intel is serious about these 6 new initiatives, they will need to hire google like developers and give unprecentented revamping to their stoggy process.

i'd love to get involved, if they have the guts.!

Korean scandal 'reflects badly' on science. 30/12/2005. ABC News Online

Korean scandal 'reflects badly' on science. 30/12/2005. ABC News Online

this is absurd, only the media believes this reflects badly on science. this event is a tragedy for Dr. Hwang! and perhaps any researchers who collaborated or checked the research ...

it's amazing science works as well as it does, remarkably in the main better than politics.. there is in the end, some sort of accountability, based on evidence, and results. the research has to be repeatable, it has to produce a result that coincides with the theory or postulate

in politics a rick texan, takes the country to war, give tax breaks to the rich at the expense of the poor, dismantles our world standing, our ethical principals, our environmental policies, and BS talking heads on TV get paid to say they agree or disagree with him, no evidence is discussed, no causal analysis.... like this ABC article.. it's Bullshit.

i disagree with this article, its sets back stem cell research, but cancer research, germ theory, etc have all had major setbacks..

n i e k h o c k x . n u | shutterclog

n i e k h o c k x . n u | shutterclog

niek cites an urban legend but funny one ...

Bush team rethinks its plan for recovery - Highlights -

Bush team rethinks its plan for recovery - Highlights -

Rove does one thing well attack.
thank GOD the president is ignoring him.
fire the bastard.

With Satellite Launch, E.U. Positions Itself To Compete

US military countrols our GPS, global positioning system. The EU has just launched a commercial, non military replacement called Galileo.

why this is important. thought experiment.

if say a terrorist strike occurs and US military or donald rumsfeld or the military detects that GPS is being used to cooridinate subsequent attacks. the military could suspend or misdirect GPS signals, civilians who rely on GPS or victims of an attack could fine their 911 cell phones not operational for positioning and recovery.

it sucks, commercial industry needs this independence of military or emperor (presidential whim)...

the EU, saudi arabia and others are buying into the system.

more bush histrionics makes the US less not more safe and competitive.. there is no way that with the EU system in place
globally that there is any advantage to GPS...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Daily Kos: 10,000 Kurds In Iraqi Army Ready To Fight In Civil War

sad news if true, but expected, if BushCo would have granted more
contracts to the average Iraqi, instead of DickCo Halliburton, perhaps this could have been averted.

Kurds preparing for civil war, 10k troops massed, target Kirkuk.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

No disciplinary review for 9/11 failures of Tenet - U.S. Security -

porter goss let's tenet off of 9/11 review.

White House Prevarications, white house lies about climate change

James L. Connaughton of the White House Council on Environmental Quality claims Bush administration has reduced emissions with 30 new programs. EPA releases 2004 numbers and greenhouse output is 2% higher than altime 2000 levels. LIE. 30 programs really consist of 27 repackaged programs, and 3 new programs with specific charter to reduce emissions. LIE.

does this surprise anyone.

the WP final sentence is the best.
"If it can't get its numbers right, why should we take seriously the White House's declared intention to forge a "constructive and effective approach" to climate change at all?"


Monday, December 26, 2005 - Bush hopes for better year in 2006 - Dec 26, 2005 - Bush hopes for better year in 2006 - Dec 26, 2005

i don't think so.. when george and rove, and dick quit acting like kings and courtesans,
and do what's right for america, that is become transparent, law abiding and ethical,
instead of the hardball playing bumpkins, that they've been.
when america's values reign supreme and not the president's beliefs, then he'll make progress in recapturing the middle, his current course however, is fraught full of peril.. the peril of failure and misteps,and unrecognized yet obvious consequences.

morons... ethical morons.. reaping karma.. that is due.

How Much Longer? - Newsweek: International Editions -

How Much Longer? - Newsweek: International Editions -

isn't it clear, being slightly cynical but realistically considering bush's past actions, he'll opt to compell closure of the military situation in Iraq prior to the 2006 elections...

you think.

Scholar Stands by Post-9/11 Writings On Torture, Domestic Eavesdropping

John Yoo, Berkley Prof, legal moron, advises Bush
strictly on "what he wants to hear" sort of like the rest of the
IRAQ debacle "mission accomplished". ... those that stood up
were fired. those who cowed remained to advise, and Bush the moron, couldn't mentally grasp that consequences accompany flagrant abuses of constitutional power and the law. time to impeach. don't you think.

where is Karl Rove?

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