Monday, October 23, 2006


Glenn Reynolds is an enigma these days.

he cites DC pork, mismanged Iraq,
then points to the economy er ah Wall Street, as if that reflects the economy
and asks for republicans to be re-elected. Huh... Doh.

yes the market is kicking ass.
but for most of america... it's a non issue.
Americans who's jobs have been exported,
who's children are serving in Iraq.
who's citizens are still recovering from Katrina.

Yes Wall Street profit froth is piling into investment accounts
of the donor class Glenn. What does this have to do
with .... it.

Bush Co is one of the most inept administrations in History,
and i'm unsure of what Glenn's points are pointing at anymore.

incidentally, Glenn's comments re Ford were quite clear...
but in general, his views lately float like intellectual flotsom and jetsam.

and hardly Libertarian... I might add...

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