Friday, June 02, 2006

Instapundit claims BushCo is nuanced!

Instapundit's Glenn Writes
And though the Iraq war is held out as a case of aggressive unilateral warmongering, the fact is that it was the slowest "rush to war" in history, as the Bush Administration made (to my mind excessive) efforts to keep the U.N. relevant. And it's interesting that Beinart holds up Kosovo as an example of war done right when it had far less U.N. sanction than the Iraq invasion -- Wesley Clark, remember, said that the Kosovo bombing was "technically illegal."
At any rate, it seems clear that the Bush Administration's approach is far more nuanced than his critics credit. Whether it will be effective is another story.

What's Glenn been smoking lately?
lately, his posts spin more than Fox and his characteristically
thoughtful insights somehow fall out of gyosynchronous orbit.

what does speed to war have to do with anything glenn?

crediting BushCo with nuance mixes like oil and water:
defending the actions of BushCo given the demonstratably poor
results of this administration's war policy and execution seems unwise.

the other comments serve as "irrelevant" to this point, mr lawyer.

can you explain precisely any nuance about a montone diplomatic president
who doesn't ask questions, read or inquire from any sort of subject matter experts.
scientific, economic, or otherwise, except his inner circle.

there isn't any Bush nuance that I can see.
the Iraq war is/was unnecessary and expensive in human and economic terms.
plenty of intel suggested "his and his administration's" business case for war was bogus.
and that cherry picked intel was used to assert. It's compromised America's standing in
the world and the mid east.

this is bullying not nuance.

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